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Working outside gives us a special appreciation for the landscape. That is why we make an extra effort to have the lowest possible impact on the environment. We have many choices in the products and practices we use in our business. We are committed to using safe, practical and effective products and methods which help protect the ground we walk on, the air we breathe and the people and animals we love. Our environment and our world are one and the same.

Here are the ways that we are a green company:

Propane instead of gas powered equipment

propane powerWe have converted most of our equipment to propane, a cleaner energy than traditional fuels such as gas or diesel. Propane is nationally recognized as a “clean alternative fuel.” It is nontoxic, non-poisonous and is a cleaner burning fuel.

Electric powered blowers

propane powerChoosing electric-powered equipment is another way we harness clean energy. As an additional benefit, the electric blowers are much quieter than gas blowers, which is better for property tenants.

Sustainable vehicle efforts

propane powerWe audit our vehicles daily to track mileage and performance in order to stay on top of any issues that may arise. All issues are attended to immediately in order to avoid unsustainable practices and maintain an efficient fleet.

Our vehicle tires are inflated with nitrogen rather than standard inflation.

We drive to multiple sites a day, so part of our sustainable driving efforts is efficient route planning. We plan the most efficient driving routes in order to lower fuel consumption.

Low impact landscape maintenance

propane powerWhen we care for lawn and landscape plants, we use fertilizers that last longer so we are using less chemicals on a long term scale. This helps reduce the runoff of fertilizers into the environment. We use the grass we cut as a mulch, letting it naturally fertilize the lawn. This resourceful technique avoids the gas required to haul off grass clippings and keeps them out of landfills.

Water maintenance is very important to landscape health and so we install the best “smart systems” that work with the weather patterns in order to reduce excess water usage while maintaining your landscape.

By making these sustainable choices in our business practices we are making a conscientious effort to reduce our carbon footprint, contribute to a greener earth, and provide a greener landscape for you. Your business can benefit directly when you promote your sustainable landscaping to current and potential tenants who will appreciate the good stewardship of your property.

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A high quality landscape does not pollute the environment, it supports clean water, soil and air.

We have established our reputation as the leading sustainable landscape company in the greater Pacific Northwest.

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